First Impressions

I`m a breast man. I like chicks with great tits whether they`re real or fake. I just like to see perky jugs on a pretty babe and when I visited Tailynn`s tour I saw a great pair of breasts sitting high on her chest and I was immediately enamored. I also saw a gorgeous Thai babe with a lovely pair of lips that no doubt suck some serious dick and a tight body that it seems all ladies from the lovely island have. Her recent update previews make her look fabulous and it seems clear that she gets topless in every set, which I`m very excited about.

Hot Promises

Tailynn is a 21 year old beauty from Bangkok, Thailand and she gets all kinds of naked on her site. On the tour you can get a good preview of what the member`s area holds. There are full sized photos to get your balls tingling, a video sample you should definitely view and candid pictures that show Tailynn out and about in the world. If you`d like a little information on the beautiful Thai babe I recommend you read her biography; it`s a good way to get to know her a little better.


Before I dig deep into the site let me say that if you like Thai babes then you`re going to love Tailynn`s site. She`s utterly gorgeous, she has a perfect body and she shows you every inch of her nakedness. Now, the member`s area begins with links to the latest picture and video additions and by all accounts she updates 1-2 times a week, alternating between pictures and videos. The latest photo addition features her in a shiny silver bikini taking a dip in the hot tub. I`m already a sucker for shiny material on hot chicks but her body is simply remarkable; she could make anything look hot as hell.

The main page is also host to her journal, which she updates 1-2 times a week. It`s a nice effort but most entries are no more than a few sentences long and they`ve crammed it into such a tight place on the page that the text has to be miniscule. They really should have made a separate page for the journal so we could actually delve into her personal life a little and get to know her better. There are also links to the bonus sites, the extras section, three wallpapers, Flash games with a Tailynn theme and a few advertisements.

There are 30 picture galleries so far at Tailynn`s site and considering the site was launched in September 2007 that`s pretty good. She`s been updating roughly once a week since launch and if that trend continues we should see plenty of new content coming our way. Tailynn is a solo girl in all of her sets except one. In that one she poses with a Malaysian babe and the two of them get downright naughty with each other. There`s pussy eating, fingering, tit sucking and much more for you to enjoy. It`s just a shame that`s the only lesbian hookup on the site.

The solo sets are dominated by Tailynn`s naked body and that`s a damn fine thing because she`s wonderfully sexy and she shouldn`t be afraid to show it off. She lives near the beach in Thailand and so she`s in bikinis and awful lot; at least half the photo sets find her in a two piece. She also poses outdoors a lot and the addition of the jungle in the background or the ocean lapping at her legs as she strikes a pose for the camera is a positive one. She has a hot body and it deserves to be shown off so we can all admire it.

She does more than just pose in bikinis though. One of my favorite galleries features Tailynn in a black lace dress that`s clearly meant for the bedroom. She wears it to seduce and as soon as you see her in it I`m sure you`ll be convinced of its effectiveness in that purpose. There are a few sets where she hangs out in her pajamas and a few more where she`s just posing in a casual outfit and smiling for the camera. In the majority of scenes she gets fully naked, showing off both her tits and pussy. The odd thing is the pictures are out of order so in one she`ll be fully dressed and in the next fully naked. The lack of progression is a distraction and it takes away from the typical sexiness of a photographic striptease.

There are 14 videos and each should look familiar because it features Tailynn in an outfit she wore for a picture gallery. She performs for the video camera though, shaking her booty and doing a sexy striptease that it`s impossible not to find arousing. Once naked she`ll even play with her pussy a little, although that`s not the sole focus of these sets. It`s more about appreciating her beautiful Thai body, as is the entire site. My favorite video shows her posing underneath a waterfall, completely naked. She looks amazing as the powerful stream of warm water falls over her body.

One of the coolest parts of the site is the daily life section. There you can see candid pictures of Tailynn as she travels the world or does simple things like spend a day at the beach or have dinner. She took a trip to Amsterdam and there are pictures of her with one of the escorts you`ll find over there. She went on a beach trip and there are candid shots of her hanging out on the back of the boat. It`s a great way to get to know her a little better. Your membership also gives you access to three bonus sites, each starring a sexy Thai babe. One does hardcore sex and the other two pose solo. When you consider that addition membership becomes an even greater deal.

Croco`s Opinion

Tailynn has one of the finest bodies I`ve seen on a Thai model. She loves to model her hot body in bikinis, lingerie and slutty outfits and she always makes sure to get fully naked so you can see those lovely, big tits and her tight pussy. You know you want to see more of what the hot slut offers and she`s excited to show you her goodies. The site was launched only recently and is still growing by I have confidence it will continue to expand as she updates once or twice a week with a new picture set or video. Even if she stops updating suddenly you have three bonus sites to browse.


The site is well designed, well laid out and easy to browse.

Pricing Policy

Each month`s membership is $29.95.